Lately's Lessons

xtensions Sammy showed up at our apartment Saturday and totally surprised me so I went four days of forgetting I have a blog, or that anyone besides Sam Palace exists. My bad. Now I'm playing total catch-up and have to move over to my inbox, but first must share some of the lessons I've been learning lately...

Keep a clean house. We're adults, you never know when someone might pop on over, a friend is locked out and needs to crash with you, or your long distance boyfriend surprises you!

Lonely isn't a dirty word. Loneliness is forced upon us and sometimes it sucks, but it makes company so much sweeter.

Wash your face EVERY night. No matter how tired you are. My sheets are sad.

Look cute even on your day off. It's your time to feel awesome, and you won't have an awesome day if you don't feel great.

Dry shampoo is underrated. Shampooing and styling is hours spent you'll never get back.

Extensions, (done right), are also underrated. I do extensions on so many girls and I'm still always shocked by how magical they are. What are you waiting for?

Flower yourself. I've been buying flowers for myself every week of 2013, and it's money well spent.

Flower someone else. Just because.

Listen. No one wants to hear about you as much as they want to talk about themselves. Let them.

SAVE money. So when you find your dream kitchen table and couch in the same week you can get them. Wait, that's not exactly saving then...




If Chris Angel had invented a brush, it'd be this. YOU GUYS, this brush is seriously incredible.

The Wet Brush can glide through even the tangliest, (yeah tangliest is a word), of hair. If you have fine hair, damaged hair, lots of hair... this is your new best friend. I know a lot of you are product junkies and love adding tools to your toolbox... I, am not.

Everyone in the salon was buzzing about this "Wet Brush" and I wanted nothing to do with such a gimmicky tool with a less than creative name. But after about two weeks of hearing about it, I tried it.

First I tried it on my client at Thomas West Salon, and we were both "wtf"ing. She purchased it on the spot. Fast forward to the next morning, I tried it on myself. I have extensions and my hair isn't unmanageable, but I spend a few minutes combing through it. THIS TOOK SECONDS. So I, like my client, purchased it.

I'm telling you guys, it works and it's cheap. Also great for kids with tender little noggins.


Makeup Makeover

I love a good crush! 

Just getting home from work, I’ve been stuck between going for a run, or running to Molly’s Cupcakes. I settled on blogging and today want to talk about finding a solution for my most frustrating moment… broken makeup.

We’ve all been there, whether you pull your makeup bag out of a suitcase after two flights and a cab, or you drop your compact in the sink, or magically it’s now a loose dusty mess imbedded in your bathroom rug.

Tossing our shattered $30 hues is extremely frustrating, so instead I’ve started collecting them all in a jar. Everytime one breaks, I crush it into a fine dust, and add it to the jar. If they don’t all match, it’s totally okay, think of it as creating your own custom blend!


RED Alert!


Too many ladies aren’t wearing red lipstick because it’s overwhelming to “deal” with. It can be a tedious application, and can get sloppy is not taken seriously.
So I give you… MY TIPS:
I’m a huge fan of fully covering my lips with my foundation FIRST, then applying powder onto them and finally applying the red lipstick. This fills the creases on your lips where excess lipstick tries to gather, and bleed from.
LipLINER. This is no joke. Even if your liner is the same color, it creates an outline and helps prevent bleeding! Keep that puppy SHARP too! A dull liner doesn’t create a crisp clean line.
Carefully lick the rim of your wine glass before sipping! Be sneaky or you’ll just look odd. The moisture creates a barrier and prevents lip color transfer!
Reapply, and blot. A trick from my Gram, and seriously necessary.
Pucker up! AJ
Photo by Kina Wicks