Side Messy Bun Updo

SIDE MESSY BUN UPDO (another less than 5 minute updo!)

This is my go to for dirty hair, recycling curls or bedhead, dressy, OR casual. I love rocking this with a feather hair clip, beaded headband, or Swarovski piece. My point: this is perfect for a day of errands AND your holiday parties.

  • This look is easiest to accomplish by starting with dirty or dry shampooed hair, that has been either previously curled and slept on, or just curled
  • Start by pulling all of your hair over one shoulder, and hold it with one hand as if about to put an elastic around it
  • Using your other hand, push the gathered hair up towards the head using a flat hand, (as if holding a platter)
  • Take a clear small elastic, and wrap it around the messy bundle at least once, no more than twice, (depending on the amount of hair)
  • Use bobby pins, to morph the overall shape or tame stray pieces
  • Tug at crown to loosen and create a “lived-in” look

SEE!? Suuuuper easy, ridiculously fast style, perfect for any occasion.

Love you guys, AJ