Nail Tutorial

Simply put, I adore this.

I rocked this with a floor length Calvin Klein dress to a black tie gala recently, as well as an off the shoulder Eagles tee shirt. It’s super versatile, and a without a doubt eye catcher.

  • Base coat, and paint a solid color, (glitter looks amazing beneath)
  • Take stickers, the kind used at garage sales and such, found at any CVS, etc.
  • How much nail the sticker covers is personal preference, I like to see a fair amount my first polish
  • Paint over the sticker as messy as you’d like :)
  • Peel off sticker right after painting, (DO NOT allow to dry first)
  • Top coat

Have fun with this ladies! It’s also a great trick to use the stickers for French manicures too!

Your Stylist, AJ