Overnight Curls

Ask and you shall recieve! I’m back with another hair tutorial!

This week I’m going to give you a couple alternative curl options that (drumroll pleaseeee…) DON’T REQUIRE HEAT.

So many of you come to the salon with heat styling addictions, and as much as I lecture you, until you have alternatives, you’ll continue frying your hair.

Hear me when I say, if you’re going to use heat tools, whether they be a blow dryer, flat iron, or curling tool, TURN DOWN YOUR HEAT SETTINGS and USE A THERMAL PROTECTANT. This shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Allow me to put this bluntly. The typical flat iron gets above 400 degrees, you can cook Bagel Bites at less than that, and you want to put that temperature on your HAIR? Over and over? When you’re hair isn’t frozen, isn’t food, is fragile, likely colored, and you pay how much to keep it glamorous!? You with me now? So turn down your heat settings, use a heat protectant, and use alternative styling withOUT heat as much as possible to give your hair the break it deserves. Please. :)

Photo breakdown:

  • I shampooed & conditioned with Scalp Benefits Shampoo & Conditioner, (because it’s January and dry, and healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp).
  • Next I towel dried and spritzed on Pureology Miracle Filler, formulated for blondes to fill the “pot holes” along the hair shaft. I let my hair air dry most of the way and when just damp I scrunched in Bumble & Bumble Texture “undressing creme” for starchy lived in hold.
  • I then took sections and twisted them away from the face and into little buns, securing them with a single bobby pin.
  • I slept on the little buns and took them out in the morning. Brushing through them is okay, I raked through mine with my fingers for a while and spritzed with a little Moroccan Oil Hairspray for a light hold.

The curls have lasted all day, and though are a bit frizzier than my curling iron curls, they have more volume and softness than usual. I’ll definitely get a second day out of the look!

Have fun beauties, AJ

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