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I know this blog is dedicated mostly to hair and fashion, but really the basis is all things trendy, and “a little of what’s on my mind”. So today, I’m letting you in on a secret possession… MY PLAYLIST.

Mike Vial and The Winchester, are two of the most magical sounds I can’t get enough of.

Mike Vial was a schoolteacher for eight years before leaving to pursue his passion for his music. He’s a Michigan singer-songwriter with the lyrical direction of James Taylor and the musical style of John Mayer. He’s currently touring much of the midwest, and you can download some of his music for free at (But at least pay him back by spreading the word!) 

The Winchester is another Michigan born sound. The band’s foundation is the cutest couple you’ve ever seen. With the beautiful Melanie Peltier being the lead singer, and her charismatic boyfriend Sean Hill on sax, (and if you’re lucky you’ll hear him on back up vocals as well). This band is sure to lift your spirits and leave your jaw dropped. They’re also currently on the midwest map for shows, and ARE PLAYING TONIGHT at the Elbo Room in Chicago @ 10. What a fantastic start to the week. The show is only $8, and I’ll be there, so come out, say hi, and toe tap with me. Their sound is indie folkie jazzie happiey. You can’t help but adore they’re body language towards each other, and fluent organic sounds.

See y’all tonight! AJ