Eyebrows have so much control over our entire look that one who doesn’t bow down to them and honor their priority, is a fool.

Unveleiling my true brows to you in the photo on the left, is difficult, but you need to see just how much of a difference my brow pencil really makes!

Many of us over-tweezed years ago, and will forever be paying for it. Seeing the right brow specialist, as I’ve mentioned before, is step one. Step twwooo, is coming to terms with the sad truth that our brows just may not grow in full. Ever. Again. For me, this was so sad. I want JLo brows. Instead, my makeup artist Sheri Cox has taught me how to achieve the JLo glow using the right products, and that’s as close to JLo as I’ll be getting. Step threeee, is getting a brow pencil/ stencils, and fattening up the illusion of a brow.

Ladies, it’s as important as eyeliner!

Give it a try.