Hair Bow

Hi ladies!

We’ve been seeing high buns and top knots for a while now, and this bow is another way to incorporate that look, with your own flair. It delivers such a Taylor Swift innocence, but walking around with it all day I still felt a little Lady Gaga fashion forward! I challenge you guys to try it, it’s so fun. (This can also be done on hair half up!)

1. Collect the hair at the top of the crown as you would a ponytail, wrap a clear elastic band around the hair but only halfway through for the final wrap leaving a “tail and loop”

2. Split the loop in half creating a part

3. Wrap the tail upward keeping the two loop sections separate, and secure with two bobby pins

4. Hairspray and fondle the bow into the symmetry it may lack, and spray again

Have so much fun! AJ