Hair Tutorial!

I’ve been a little distant lately, (literally), and haven’t had much time to dedicate to the blog.. so what better way to return than with a hair tute!

When my hair is dirty or not laying right because I desperately need a haircut, these three little buns are my GO TO. They’re easy peasy. Literally just three buns. For the photo’s sake, I used a model with thick shiny hair as it is easy to follow in step by step photos. BUT, please note, that my favorite way to wear this look is when my hair is curly or wavy, (leftover from the day before), and messily thrown into three little buns. I get compliments on this everytime I wear it, and it’s seriously the simplest thing I ever do!

1. With clear elastics, create three sections

2. Beginning with the center ponytail, twist the section and spiral it around the base, securing with a couple bobby pins

3. Repeat this twist and spiral on the side ponytails

4. Pull the hair at the crown a little to add some “oomph” <—How great of a word is OOMPH by the way?!

Have fun! These little guys do the flirting FOR you. They’re just adorable.