America's Beauty Show


America’s Beauty Show is one of the largest hair, skin and nail shows in the world. It’s a show that pretty much everyone in the industry has attended, if not attended every year. Arrojo platforms and Tabatha Coffey appearances, seminars, new product releases, you think it up and it’s there. I’d say it’s kind of like the Super Bowl of the industry, and luckily, in Chicago!

So when my boss asked if I’d like to do hair for the show… you can imagine my lack of hesitation. At these shows, there’s press galore. Magazine editors, newscasters, writers, etc. P&G, who’s responsible for Wella haircolor, in which I use and teach in Thomas West Salon, sponsored a Press Room where hair and make up we complimentary services to any of the press. This is where I, along with some of my team, were throughout the day yesterday.

To a lot of people, hairdressing is joke career. Often looked down upon with a “You didn’t go to college?!” attitude. Choosing cosmetology school wasn’t a “Plan Z” for me. I’m so proud and in lust with my career. I make people feel beautiful every single day, and get paid to do it. I guess it is kind of a joke of a career. I mean, I make a living playing dress up in a sorority environment with the people I adore. I see myself as an artist with so much to share.

The experience was fantastic. To network and be interviewed was such an opportunity. Can’t wait to do it again next year.