What's in my bag?

We all carry a few essentials with us ALL the time… here are mine! :)

iPad: I’m constantly traveling and throwing this in my bag versus packing up my MacBook. I blog wherever I am from my iPad, show my clients my portfolio in the salon, FaceTime with my long distance love… the list goes on.

Moleskin planner: My iPad is my BFF, but being able to actually write out and cross things off my to do list is so satisfying!

Polish: Whatever polish I’m wearing, I’m usually carrying. Never know when you’ll need a touch up. Right now I’m wearing OPI’s Alpine Snow.

My staple gloss: Valerie of Beverly Hills in “Playboy”.

M.A.C. Red: To add instant effort to any look or for taking my look from day to night, I always have red lipstick!

Bobby pins: I’m not cool with a sea of bobbies and gum wrappers in the bottom of my bag. This “Baggu” bag keeps bobby pins collected and ready for a quick updo.

Book: Public Transportation and airports call for reading time. You can’t be a better writer if you’re not a reader. Currently reading “The Happiness Project” and loving it.