RED Alert!


Too many ladies aren’t wearing red lipstick because it’s overwhelming to “deal” with. It can be a tedious application, and can get sloppy is not taken seriously.
So I give you… MY TIPS:
I’m a huge fan of fully covering my lips with my foundation FIRST, then applying powder onto them and finally applying the red lipstick. This fills the creases on your lips where excess lipstick tries to gather, and bleed from.
LipLINER. This is no joke. Even if your liner is the same color, it creates an outline and helps prevent bleeding! Keep that puppy SHARP too! A dull liner doesn’t create a crisp clean line.
Carefully lick the rim of your wine glass before sipping! Be sneaky or you’ll just look odd. The moisture creates a barrier and prevents lip color transfer!
Reapply, and blot. A trick from my Gram, and seriously necessary.
Pucker up! AJ
Photo by Kina Wicks