Washington Post // Sammy Palace

As much as I love talking about nail polish and cap sleeves, one of my favorite things to deliver is inspiration.

My love was posted in the Washington Post a few days ago, and I can’t help but share it! [CLICK HERE FOR GOOSEBUMPS] 

You don’t have to be a baseball fan to be a Sam Palace fan. When we met, baseball was the last thing on my mind—- I didn’t even know the difference between a ball and a strike. But Sammy was this dreamy guitar playin flirt, who at the time was the perfect candidate for my summer fling. We’ve been long distance for three years now, and he inspires me every single day. 

Sammy’s story is a long one, it’s incredible, exhausting, RARE… and his own. It’s not one that he shares, or I share even. It’s too long… hard to understand it if you’re not in it. The minor leagues are so close yet so far from the glamorous televised big leagues.

No matter what kind of day I’ve had, it’s nothing compared to his- yet he NEVER complains! No matter how much work goes seemingly unnoticed, he doesn’t slow down. He’s beating the odds every game, every homestand, every season.

This article is just a TINY itty bitty glimpse at Sammy’s story. I hope it inspires you too! STAY TUNED.