Vulnerability. It’s a word that we tend to shutter at. Reading it, thinking about it, is enough to make us feel it. We associate being vulnerable as a negative thing. I think it’s a beautiful thing.

Instead of using the word vulnerable, I wanted to think of what it means to me, to better explain my concept here. I’ve decided on replacing “vulnerable” with “being open”. Being open to ideas, judgment and newness can be scary, or has left us jaded, but being open to these beautiful life experiences is LIVING. I want to be open to LIFE.

For me, being open to life has been dating long distance, moving from city to city, following my dreams, breaking the rules and sharing it all with you on this blog. All of this makes me vulnerable, and it’s amazing. Special even.

We could all open up to life more. Whether it’s wearing that adorably obnoxious hot pink coat you so want to wear but are afraid you’ll look like Elle Woods, or approaching the dreamy guy you just so happen to share the same commute with, or asking for the promotion you deserve. Be open, and yeah, be vulnerable.

Love, AJ