Guest Post // Katie Haigh

  Get ready to fall in love with Katie. Katie Haigh is the sassy writer behind A marketing project manager and soon-to-be self published author living in Seattle, she is up for anything that involves words, polka dots, coffee, or sticky notes. I’ve been inspired by her since I was a freshman in high school.

XO AJ __

Most days, I absolutely adore the pants off of the internet. I love being able to Google who the sheriff is from The Young Riders when my sister and I have 90’s tv show marathon over the holidays, and I can’t figure out why he looks familiar. I heart the delicious recipes I find that make it easier to eat healthy. And I nearly burst with gratitude over the crazy easy ability to connect to the people I know and love and the people I want to get to know and love.

But then, some days, the internet throws me into a comparison tizzy. I’m sure you’ve been there too. It can be as impersonal as reading a blog post by someone you’ve never met and feeling like they’ve got it made while you’re still struggling just to figure out what your dream job description looks like. Or as personal as seeing your Facebook feed blow up with picture perfect weddings and old friends writing articles that make the front page of The New York Times.

Whew. Browsing the internet should come with a warning label for high risk of rousing the voice in your head that shrieks in an annoyingly, high pitch that you aren’t good enough.

Which is absolutely not even one measly ounce of true.

So, don’t forget to remind yourself… don’t let comparison steal your joy.

Remind yourself when you’re browsing Pinterest… that those amazing outfits that you’re pinning are helping you pull together the definition of your style and giving you new ideas to rework your closet.

Remind yourself when you’re reading about the top 20 bloggers to watch… that every single one of these bloggers started off on post #1 and followed up with post #2.

Remind yourself when you’re reading about home decor and DIY projects that are Martha Stewart perfect… that you’re not looking at the ten failed attempts or the glue gun burn marks. Seriously, those things get hot.

At the end of the day, you are a rock star whether or not you are like anybody else you see on the internet. You are your own particular brand of awesome exactly the way you are right now.