Mandatory Monday


Welcome back! I hope you had an incredibly, long, SPF filled weekend!

Mondays are tough. But Mondays are especially tough after a long weekend. I have a mandatory Monday list every week to start my week off on the right track, and hopefully with enough momentum to carry me through my Saturday work week.

  • Blog Calendar- I map out my posts for the week to make sure that when I'm posting, it's with purpose, and not just a scrambled "morning of" mess.
  • Trader Joes- If I don't shop clean, it's Jimmy John's to the rescue, and that kinda really cancels out my personal training. On Monday's I grocery shop for the week, and meal prep for a few days in advance.
  • Deep Clean- Monday is the only day I designate towards "chores". I try to keep up with cleaning throughout the week, but Monday is my deep clean day to start fresh.
  • Workout- Monday workouts are so important for me. If I don't start the week off with a healthy, high energy attitude, 7 fat days come and go.
  • Set Little Goals- Before wrapping up Monday, I set goals for the rest of the week, and revisit them every morning.

What are your Monday rituals?


P.S. My awesome mug is from Ashley Brooke Designs, a fellow girl power entrepreneur.