Martha to the Rescue


I'm the first to admit, I am by no means a Do It Yourself-er. I'm pretty self sufficient, and am willing to try and fail at lots of things, but let me just say this is no tutorial.

That being said, WHAT AN UPGRADE!?

This mirror was one of the first really nice things I ever owned, it's moved with me so many times, and my style has definitely changed since I got it.

The contrast it delivered above the fireplace was so harsh, and the brown/red tones were too rustic for our clean aesthetic. I was so excited when I had my gold aha moment. Gold upgrades everything, and goes with the rest of our apartment!

I thought I'd simply buy a can of gold spray paint. Um no. The city of Chicago doesn't allow the sale of spray paint, so my local Home Depot suggested I buy the brush on Rustoleum equivalent. I brushed it on, and all I got was a 100% sheer high gloss lacquer. Annoyed, I went back to Home Depot, and they said they had NO other gold that would work on metal. They suggested I go to Michael's and buy acrylic paint. Like I said, I'm not a DIYer, and this isn't a tutorial of the "right" way to do things, so...

I bought Martha Stewart Precious Metals gold paint intended for WALLS. As in, never to be painted on metal. I've never been one to follow the rules, and I'm so so happy with the result!

What do you think?