Moroccan Oil Scalp Treatments

M.O. Treatments  

The shift in the weather's temperature and moisture leaves our skin, and more specifically our scalps, dry. A dry scalp can be uncomfortable and itchy, not to mention embarassing when you can see it!

It seems like all my clients have been asking for a dry scalp solution lately. Having a dry scalp does NOT mean you have dandruff. It doesn't mean you should be using a dandruff shampoo either. BUT, it does mean you're the perfect candidate for an in-salon scalp treatment.

The entire treatment takes 10 minutes, and can be added on to your haircut/ color services anytime. I begin by applying the magic potion to your scalp in fine sections. Once your scalp is saturated with the good smelling, nourishing treatment, I give you a TEN MINUTE SCALP MASSAGE. If you ask me, that's $40 well spent.

Here's the thing you guys, this treatment WORKS. Prior to using it myself, I never found a solution for my wintery dry scalp. If you have any questions or are interested in making an appointment, you can always find me at!