Balancing "yes" and "no"

Emilia Jane Photography There’s something totally liberating about saying no to something you don’t want to do, and trust me that’s coming from a “yes” person.

I believe saying yes to most things can end in grand opportunity.

I also believe saying yes can end in grand obligation.

We’re all so busy. Rushing around and adding things to our to-do lists. When is enough really enough? When will we have a breakdown? When will we stop pouring 100% of ourselves into our commitments because we’ve committed to too many things?

I have promised myself that 2014 is about my business. I have huge plans for Your Stylist AJ and they require heavier work weeks and less room for social time. But what I’ve had the misfortune of learning, is that people don’t respond well to being “super busy right now”. I feel like people get irritated by it, and that kinda sucks. The thing is, it’s totally okay to say no sometimes, and it's nothing to feel guilty about!

I have CHOSEN to fill my time with my business. I LIKE working. This doesn’t mean I don’t create time to be social and invest in friendship, or prioritize my family, it just means I’m going to skip going out on a Friday, to wake up early for a Saturday wedding.

Because I want to. 

I believe we’re all guilty of taking on too much, or saying yes to things we feel we have to, instead of doing what we really want to do.

This year, I challenge you to be a yes person to the things you WANT to do, and NO to the things that might cause the water to boil over. This is your year, do what’s best for you!


Image of my mom, sister and I by Emilia Jane Photography