The Evolution of Friendship

The Evolution of Friendship I talk a lot about beauty, but today I care less about what's on the outside, because what's on the inside is a helluva lot more important.

No one prepared me for the fact that most of the time women grow in and out of friendships, or that losing your best friend feels a lot like divorce. Who gets to keep the kids mutual friends?!

I've never been the kind of girl who had a posse of girlfriends beside her. I've always had my couple of close friends and everyone else was an acquaintance. I didn't think I needed anyone else, my best friend was basically my family, and I knew I'd have her in my life forever. I was so wrong.

As an adult woman, in a totally healthy exciting relationship with my guy, I still feel heartbreak over the female friendships that have faded throughout my life.

Recently I started feeling super down about humanity and girls being total brats in general, but then an amazing shift occurred. It's like what I went through, was a sort of layer shedding, so that I could start fresh with quality people who genuinely care, have common interests, and are as selfless as I find myself.

When Sammy left for Spring Training, my phone was off the hook with "acquaintances" offering to host girl's night in or put a dinner date on the calendar. I have one friend who's New Year Resolution was to schedule active dates instead of dinner dates- genius. I had a client bring me flowers for Valentine's Day, and another baking me treats, both knowing Sammy and I wouldn't be together. I'm super sick, and a new friend showed up at my apartment this morning with a bunch of "get well" supplies. Another friend dropped everything to come over and film a video tutorial for me, something I've been putting off for two years.

I'm blown away by humanity. Some people suck, but just when you think you have it all figured out, you usually learn you don't at all. Life is such a constant lesson. We're always changing and evolving, and friendships will too.

Always be kind. Always treat people the way you would like to be treated. Be the kind of friend you want to have. Be willing to let friendships go that don't provide you with compassion and love, but work on the ones that do. 


Photo of my sweet mom and I, because she's stuck with me ; )