Dearest Thomas West Salon clients and friends!

Emilia Jane Photography

I am continuously blown away by your loyalty and generosity! Some of you have been my client for over four years and I have loved getting to know you and hearing about your life!

As you’ve likely noticed, my books have gotten increasingly busier. I often have a four week waiting list. Though I do my best to accommodate everyone, sometimes even working 12-14 hour days I can’t get everyone in. Some say this is a good problem to have, but I’m always concerned with keeping you happy, and apologize for any inconveniences regarding my schedule.

Typically stylists increase their prices somewhat regularly. As their business grows, so does their price point. I’ve worked hard at Thomas West Salon for over four years, and never increased my prices. After a recent meeting with Tom, we have decided to increase my prices.

I hope you understand, and continue to see me! This increase was a difficult and big decision, but in my industry, it’s like getting a raise, and I hope you feel I deserve it!

As of April 1, 2014 my prices will be as follows:

Women’s Haircut $80

Men’s Haircut $50 (no increase)

Blow Dry $50 (no increase)

Color/Base Bump $80

Partial Foil $150

Full Foil $200

Thank you again for being so amazing! I hope to see you soon!


Photo by Emilia Jane Photography