Honeybuns Hair Tutorial


HI honeybuns! Today I’m psyched to deliver a brand new, and of course easy peasy, hair tutorial. Thank you to my beautiful little sister for helping me create this tutorial! She’s even cuter from the front!

1-3. Begin by taking a circular section from the crown, and clipping it out of the way.

4. Divide the remaining hair into three sections.

5-6. Begin with the back center section and twist the hair into a bun. Secure with bobby pins.

7-8. Continue by twisting the side sections away from the face and into little buns, one at a time. Secure with bobby pins.

9. Unclip the section from the crown and divide it into two sections. Now, cross those two sections, one over the other.

10. Spin each of the sections away from each other and into more little buns. Secure the two new buns with bobby pins.

Try it. Nail it… and then change it! Vary how many buns you use, where you pin them, how much volume you want, etc. This style looks gorgeous, but as you can see can be done if just a few short steps. We photographed the whole thing in under five minutes!

This is also a great option for you short hair ladies. Itty bitty buns are cute too ya know.

YSAJ hair tutorials 5 buns-36
YSAJ hair tutorials 5 buns-36

I’d love to see your honeybuns! Tag your looks on insta using #YSAJtutorial : ) It’s been so fun to see you all master the Messy Side Bun tutorial this week, thank you for sharing!


Thank you Emilia Jane Photography for your time and talent!