Dirty Girl.

Your Stylist AJ I don't wash my hair. Ok, I do but I mean, it needs to be a special occasion.

Once or twice a week is all I have the patience for. I love doing hair, but is there a girl out there who enjoys roundbrushing their own hair? If that girl is out there please come forward so we can give you a round of applause.

I swear by dry shampoos, texturizing sprays and recycling my curls.

Typically my weekly hair schedule looks a little like this:

Day 1- Shampoo, blast dry, curl

Day 2- Add dry shampoo, brush through, peace out

Day 3- Potentially add more dry shampoo, recycle the Day 1 curls into a cute pony

Day 4- Add more dry shampoo, brush through, recycle hair into an updo

Day 5- Shampoo day! OR.... if it's an early morning or I'm feeling lazy, another updo, or a fun hat with a side fishtail braid!

Updos work best on dirty hair. A braid crown doesn't even really look good to me unless it's three days deep in dirt.  Always dirty and always purrty.

I challenge you to skip an extra shampoo day this week! Hit snooze sister ; )