Hi loves! Oh how I've missed the feeling of keys beneath my fingers. October was AMAZING! I need to tell you all about it! PS HOW is it already November?!

_______________________________________________________________________________ I got my braces off!!!!!! Actually I got them off in September! More on that later, but in the meantime, check it out!

Beauty Blog

SAMMY CAME HOME! Baseball season is officially over, and while that was bittersweet, we were able to make it to Michigan with just hours to spare to be a bridesmaid and Best Man for two of our favorite lovebirds!

Sam Palace

Sammy's parents hosted a fun dinner and bonfire back home and few things make me happier than our moms being buds!

Beauty Blog

Then we had visitors every weekend! My dear friend Megan came to stay with us and work with me for the weekend! I did her color and extensions and am slightly obsessed with how it turned out.


The following weekend our sweet friends Abby & Greg came to visit! Love them like fam.


My baby sister came to town the next weekend!


Lululemon asked me to come in and style some of their fall pieces as lifestyle wear versus athletic wear! Photos to come this week! (Photo by Eat Pray Photo)


Sammy and I did a juice cleanse. Sammy has assured me he'll never be doing that again... I'll be blogging about my experience with juicing later this week!

Pressed Juicery

I worked an emerald filled classic shoot with my faves. More photos to come! (Photo by Emilia Jane Photography)

View More: http://emiliajane.pass.us/chm-shoot

Have an amazing week!!