"Remember that first sip" a note from Gram

champagne photography

When Sammy and I got engaged we were flooded with well wishes and adrenaline, a high unlike ever before! Soon after was Christmas, and then shortly after that the biggest buzzkill in history... Spring Training. Byeee Fiance. 

vintage coups

It was then I received this box, two champagne coups from FIFTY years ago, my Grandparent's wedding, complete with words of wisdom. 

"Ashley and Sammy, 

As your story begins and unfolds into precious memories, remember that first sip and how you gazed lovingly into each others eyes. Repeat that look over and over and over again and I can guarantee it will be a beautiful life. 

We love you both! 
Grandma & Grandpa"

My mom's parents have captivated our entire family since the beginning. The traditional yet open minded foundation they've built has created a life where cousins feel like siblings and Aunts and Uncles like extra sets of parents. There's no dread or obligation, we genuinely want to be together and share each other's lives. 

The love my Grandparent's model for us is genuine, raw, imperfectly perfect and exactly what I want to have when I grow up. None of us have what it takes to be Patricia, but if my grandkids look up to me half as much as I look up to her, I will be so proud of myself. 

Vintage champagne coups

Sammy was adorable and said, "I don't even want to keep those in the house, I'm too afraid of something happening to them." Truth is, I'm terrified too, and have them wrapped lovingly and on the highest shelf for safe keeping. I hope to pass these precious beauties down to my grandkids one day in all their fragile innocence. 

Vintage champagne glasses
vintage champagne coups

Cheers to having a family I'm so proud to be part of, and making one of our own. 


Thank you to Jenn for photographing these babies for us! Your gentle touch and excitement for others' happiness is a joy to be around.