Hair Goals #Repunzel


I've pretty much always been a long hair kinda girl. I've definitely had phases of experimenting with shorter styles, but have missed my long hair every single time I make the change. For me, long hair is freedom. It doesn't limit me in any way. I can easily put it in a tight bun to get it completely out of my way, I can go forever without washing it, and when it is down, I feel most like myself with mermaid curtains on the sides of my face. 

Truth is, I'd probably go for the "lob" if I wasn't getting married 7 months from today, but maybe I'm craving a short look just because I "can't" have it right now. 

Either way, lets chat about how to get long hair after a good chopping, and how to keep it looking as healthy as possible once it is long!

  • If you're looking to maintain your current length a trim every 8 weeks is great. (Super short styles can look best with a cut every 6 weeks.)

  • If you're looking to grow your hair longer, stretching your appointments 10 weeks apart should be totally fine.
  • If you wash and dry your hair only once or twice a week, (like me), you might be able to get away with 12 weeks between cuts. This is only possible if you're applying heat on your hair no more than twice a week. 
  • Any time you get a color service involving bleach, you're a great candidate for a trim. 
  • Heat protectants aren't optional! ANYtime you're blowdrying, or using a curling iron, wand, or flat iron, apply a heat protectant first! My favorites are here, here and here
  • Fall asleep with wet hair when possible. I try to shower at night and snooze on wet hair so that when I wake up I can just add messy curls, versus blow dry and curl. It cuts my heat styling in half.
  • Invest in a nice brush. I recommend this bad boy for any type of client because it glides through tangles! It's gentle enough for damaged hair and effective enough for coarse hair. I can't rave about a nice boar bristle brush enough! 
  • Rotate your pony placement. So many clients come in and I can instantly tell that they wear their ponytail in the exact same spot everyday. Hair ties can create damage and breakage, so rock these and rotate your placement. 
  • Opt for braids instead of ponytails when you workout! If you have a ponytail whipping around Lake Shore Drive as you train for the Chicago Marathon, it's gonna take a serious beating. It'll inevitely get tangly and then you'll rip a brush through it after, aggressively creating breakage. Braids hold the hair in place, out of your face, and are much more gentle. 

You grow girl!


Thank you Kristi of Made to be Mine for the gorgeous photo!