Murad & Massage Envy : A love affair


Massages and facials are not luxury experiences. 

I feel it's super important to say that again. Massages and facials are not luxury experiences. 
They are necessary experiences, that just so happen to be enjoyable, but that doesn't make them a guilty pleasure. 

Is getting your teeth cleaned something you consider a luxury and feel guilty about spending money on? Heck no, it's part of your lifestyle, since taking care of yourself is important to you! Gone be the days where you feel guilty about getting a massage or facial, these services are maintenance for your body, just like getting an oil change or refueling your vehicle. 

YOU GET ONE FACE. Why in the world wouldn't you love it by taking care of it, learning about it, using products tailored to it and protecting it? 

Massage Envy makes services affordable, but low prices don't equate to low expectations. I've had facials at four star hotels, and boutique spas, and every salon I've ever worked in, the best facials I've ever had are at Massage Envy. Here's why! 

  • CONSULTATION. The estheticians will not start your service without learning all about your skin, routine, concerns and history. 
  • MURAD. OMGracious. The premium product line that Massage Envy uses is my skin's soul mate. There are four main facials that estheticians are inspired by, Vitamin C, Acne Treatment, Anti-Aging and Sensitive Skin. I love learning about what products are best for my face, as facials are not a one size fits all experience. I have absolutely found incredible results with this line, and can't recommend it enough! 
  • EDUCATION. When I'm getting a massage, I like a zero dialogue environment where I can melt into the table and totally relax. When I'm getting a facial, I like to learn about skincare and how to better take care of my skin. Every facial I've had has been so informative and interesting for me. I feel totally comfortable asking questions and have always felt like my service provider knows exactly what they're talking about. 
  • JUDGEMENT FREE. Have you ever approached a makeup counter in a department store, and had a girl with perfectly dewy fresh skin look at you and say, "Oh honey sit down you need this! (Presents million dollar face cream), Your skin is dryyyy and dull!" Well I have. And to that girl I would just like to say, that is NOT how to make a sale. When I've gotten Murad facials at Massage Envy the girls have made me feel comfortable even when talking about the areas of my skincare that need improvement. 
  • EMOTIONAL WELLNESS. Facials are relaxing and deliver peace of mind and contentment. It's a great feeling of a fresh start!

There are over 1.000 Massage Envy locations in the United States, so it's about as easy to scoop up a pampering appointment as it is a Starbucks Grande Non-fat latte, (which I desperately need right now). Every time I turn around, another location pops up, making the company's growing success obvious. 

If you haven't had a massage service from Massage Envy yet, do yourself a favor and make an appointment immediately. Then, after you love the service, (because you will- trust me), become a member for discounts that make monthly appointments possible. 

If you made it this far through my rambles, you just earned yourself a chance to win an exclusive Murad Environmental Shield Healthy Regimen Kit sold only at Massage Envy Spas!  

To enter, you must be following @YourStylistAJ on Instagram, and leave a comment below with one thing you could improve on regarding your skin care routine! WINNER will be announced Thursday at 9am, so please get entries in before! 


This is a sponsored post but of COURSE the review of awesomeness is my very own.