3 Section Half Up Hair Tutorial

half up half down

Until recently, I didn't understand why I got so many compliments on my "half up/ half down" hair. It's one of the styles in my lazy hair rotation because of how easy and mindless it is. But one day last month I was in Target, so basic, and a woman in line behind me asked, "Excuse me, where did you get your hair done? I would love to get my hair done like that for my friend's wedding next weekend, I love that you can't see any bobby pins!"

I thought, "HUH?! This style took four pins and a lotta dry shampoo because I haven't washed in days on days." But instead I told her I'd post a tutorial on the blog by October and gave her the YSAJ site. 

So HEY Jaclyn, hope those new bath towels are all you've ever dreamed of! 

Let's get to it!

half up hair

^^ BEGIN >> by collecting the hair from your crown, leaving out the hairline, and hair above the ears. Leaving hair out feels less, flower girl-y from the front. A good rule of thumb is to leave out two finger widths of hair from the hairline. Make sure to leave hair above the ear as well!

half up updo

^^ Secure that section with two pins in opposite directions, holding the hair in place. 

easy half up half down
easy half up half down updo

^^ Next take a section of hair to the right of the pins. Place a pin onto the section, a few inches away from the scalp. Pull that section over the first section, and secure it beneath the first pins. 

easy half up half down
half up half down hairstyles

^^ Repeat on the left side. 

half up hairstyle
bridesmaid hair

What do you think? Would you try this look on yourself? It's great for running to Target on a Sunday, or attending a wedding, super easy, and not at all time consuming. If you try this look at home please post a selfie on insta and tag @YourStylistAJ


Thank you to my dear friend and amazing talent Jennifer Kathryn for the beautiful photos!