Up North Bachelorette Weekend

winery bachelorette party

If you’re from Michigan, Up North is a proper noun, sometimes also referred to as God’s Country. My Grandparent’s built our lake house in Gaylord, Michigan when my mom was pregnant with me, I rolled over for the first time in that house, the first time a boy ever told me he loved me was in that house… I didn’t say it back. But best of all, I fell in love with Sammy in that house.

I always planned to get married on the 11 acres of land where my heart belongs, but baseball’s offseason limited us to getting married in the winter months, leaving an outdoor wedding in Michigan out of the question. So when my little sister/ Maid of Honor asked me where I wanted to go for my bachelorette, we both knew what my answer would be. 

Sweatshirts. Wineries. S’mores. Flannels. Flower crowns. Pasta soup. 


My girls traveled from all over the country to make me feel like the most important girl in the world. It was hands down the most amazing weekend of my life aside from our wedding last weekend. 

My mom made all of us the most precious flower crowns I've ever seen! We only took them off to sleep and shower the entire weekend. AND she made my absolute favorite family recipe, Pasta Soup, (the name really doesn't give justice to the meaty and delicious tomato based soup). 

My sister took DIY supplies up early, and with the help of my mom and sister-in law, decked out the house with special details. Gold dipped feathers, lace tambourines, dreamcatchers and adorable signs that read things like, "Mermaids Enter Here".

No detail left behind. 

My dear friend and bridesmaid Lindsey is a ridiculously talented photographer, capturing every giggle, bubble and beam of sunshine you see in this post. 

The BEST part was introducing some of my best girls to each other, and watching them become friends. (Shout out to Megan and Abby who couldn’t make it!)

Thank you to my sweet girls, for making memories with me in my favorite place on the planet. I love you all so much, and how tolerant you are of me when I'm champagne drunk, as seen here... 

...and here...