acoustic echoes

gallery wall

Our home. In it's post storm calmness. The post holiday, post wedding, post offseason pause. If a house could take a deep breath, it would look like this. 

This apartment has hosted friends every single weekend since the beginning of October. It's heard the hours of Sammy's songwriting while I was at work, and the hours he spent playing me those songs for the first time once I got home. This place has laughed in the footsteps of Spencer G., the grumpy upstairs neighbor who hates that we are social people, and when we watch Game of Thrones with surround sound. Our doorbell has been exhausted by our combined Amazon Prime addictions, and I won't even get started on Instacart... 

Sammy has left for Spring Training, and is gone until October. I'm not hysterical, but I'm a little sloth-like. I'm kind of weird with people when it comes up in conversation, which is everyday when I see clients or friends, or when Sammy's guy friends call to check on me. Shout out to Mark for offering to take me out for a Valentine's dinner, and Bobby and Greg for reaching out every other day. 

This is our seventh year taking on this adventure, and we are so fortunate to be in a situation where Sammy has made his dreams come true and I get to travel the country to visit him. I know just how lucky we are, but that doesn't mean it's always easy. Side note: I'm pretty sure this is why Ben & Jerry's was invented. 


If our now quiet home could talk, it would say that for the three and a half months that Sammy was home, I only emptied the dishwasher twice and took out the garbage once.

It would then laugh at all the times I tried so hard to stay mad but busted out laughing at him mid fight.

It would tell you that I didn't sleep more than two hours last night, and that I fell out of the left side of the bed, when I sleep on the right. But it would also tell you I giggled myself back into bed, grateful to be in love with Sammy so intensely, that it hurts so badly when the only thing left behind are his acoustic echoes in my head. 

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