This tutorial is silly amounts of easy, and I promise it's quick. It's easiest to do on dirty hair that is past the shoulders. 

Start with three low ponytails. Don't skip this step if you're planning to wear this to a wedding, and want your hair to be dance-proof. For me dance-proof hair is mandatory. 

Next, braid the three ponytails and secure with clear elastics. 

In any order, begin to wrap the braids around the base of the ponies. It looks best if you wrap them around the opposite pony, for example taking the one from the left over to the right, and right to left. Pin the middle one last, filling in any gaps. Secure with bobby pins. 
//There's no method to this madness, don't overanalyze it, just wrap, and pin, and wrap and pin.//

Told you it was easy peasy! 


Thank you Jenn for the flawless photos! You are such a talent and I appreciate you!