How to amp up your Thank You Notes

One of the most exciting parts of our engagement was registering for all the champagne flutes we could find, (or was that just me?), but what we didn't expect was the amount of generosity we received. From both things that we registered for, to plenty that we did not, each gift and sweet card meant so much to us. 

We tried to make our thank you cards convey the same level of love we felt when we opened each gift, so after some brainstorming, decided an enclosed polaroid would be a sweet way to personalize our appreciation. 

Snaps of us taking shots out of our new mason jar shot glasses or filling an engraved bowl with hershey kisses, (a family tradition), were a special way to document how much each gift really meant to us.

Would you do this for your thank you notes? Did you do something creative and different with yours? Tell me more in the comments below! 


PS //  We ran out of film before we got through all of the gifts, so if your thank you didn't have a photo enclosed, it doesn't mean we were any less thankful :)