Clients & Friends! 

As many of you know, I’m moving to Detroit! After seven years of long distance, (!!!!), this decision has been challenging for both Sammy and I, and continues to send waves of excitement and sadness. Sammy has left the Washington Nationals and accepted a position with the Detroit Tigers, so we can build a life together, near our families. Most of you have been my clients for years, and have been along for the journey of our crazy long-distance baseball life. This opportunity will allow us to be together, and that's just something we couldn't pass up this time. 

After countless hours spent staring at schedules and calendars, I’m relieved to tell you I will be traveling between Detroit and Chicago indefinitely to keep you as a client, and someone I look so forward to catching up with! 

Simply explained, I’ve been working in the salon Wednesday-Friday, totaling 10-12 days a month. Going forward I will be in the salon anywhere from 7-10 days a month, and extending my hours so that I’ll be there about the same amount. I ask for your patience as this is a transition for you, the salon’s front desk staff and myself. I will do everything I possibly can to make this shift a smooth one, and understand how inconvenient this may be at first. 

To those who are already pre-booked for the remainder of the year, thank you for your loyalty and dedication, you make my heart so full. My new schedule has been updated in the salon’s booking system. If you already had an appointment on a date that I will be back in Chicago, we have left it, but if you had appointments on dates I will no longer be in town, they will need to be rescheduled. My 2016 calendar can be viewed here

Getting your appointments organized is so important to me, and I apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. Please call the salon at 312.670.2270 and ask for Stacey, Eileen or myself to ensure we can get you rescheduled if need be or to get you on the books! 

>>> 2016 dates are currently available to be booked through December. 

>>>2017 dates will be opened and available to be booked as of November. 

Thank you for helping me grow a business that I LOVE and am proud of, I couldn’t do this without you and love you all like the family you’ve become.