Happy birthday lover

Happy 30th Birthday to my best decision.

I owe who I am to you, and you consistently make me stronger and keep me inspired. You taught me how to be hungry for what makes me happy, that money doesn’t matter, and how to laugh through my tears.

But it’s bigger than me. I wasn’t the first one that made a desicion about you, offerered you a full ride, a chance to catch, an invite back, a contract in the bigs, a contract at HOME. I wasn’t the first to be inspired by you, far from it. We all learn from you every single day, even our parents and grandparents are learning from you all the time. Watching them stare at you in awe is so heartwarming. 

Don't misunderstand, sometimes you're SO annoying with your Kevin James immaturity and Vince Vaughn rudeness. But it keeps you YOUNG, and I wish that for you for the next 30 years, and the 30 after that. All with me by your side, rolling my eyes, laughing through the tears, and taking the deepest breaths in disbelief that you're mine. 

Cheers to you Zzolo, happy birthday. XO