hold the flowers crown : a tutorial

hair crown

I've been hoarding this tutorial forEVER.  We shot the invention before my wedding, but I wanted to wait until after I did this style on some of my bridesmaids, before sharing it with the world.

A whole year after my wedding, a year of very little blogging, I'm excited to share it with you! 

You can do this look on pretty much every length of hair with just a few bobby pins, and texture spray for extra credit. 

Beginning on the top of your head, just behind your hairline, gather a circular section about two inches wide. This section doesn't need to be clean or perfect, just grab and go. 

Twist your section and begin to roll it into a bun at the base. 

Pin each little bun with 2-3 bobby pins. 

Continue down each side, twinning, rolling and pinning as you wrap around the head. 

What's better than a flower crown? A hair crown, duh. 

Try it and tag me @YourStylistAJ


Photo cred: Made to be Mine