A love letter ⌲

Hey girl,

If you’re here right now, you’ve been patient with me as I took a serious break from blogging! You’re here because you’ve been supportive through it all and are still cheering me on. I adore the heck out of you and would love to hug it out. 

I’ve spent a serious amount of time reevaluating what direction I want to take my business in, and didn’t want to prematurely relaunch a business that didn’t completely represent my passions and lifestyle. I’m so happy to say that, I’m BACK, and I’m thrilled to share everything on my mind with you. 

I have so many hair tutorials ready for you to recreate, and product reviews for you to trust. I have random music playlists and DIYs to play with. I have a lot of personal experiences to share, to the point of asking Sammy’s permission before even posting. 

Your Stylist AJ has been the most rewarding adventure I’ve ever been a part of. It has my full attention. My brides, my salon clients, my family who I know is reading this right now, you are the rockstars that have encouraged me to vulnerably share my story, and ultimately, BE MYSELF. 
This website aesthetic isn’t “bridal”. This website has been carefully designed like the gallery wall above my couch or the spare bedroom our friends stay in when they visit. It’s designed to represent who I am entirely, personally and professionally. 

So thanks for coming over! I’ll take your coat. Can I get you a glass of bubbly?

⤜ Love you ⤛