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Quick Party Curls

I teamed up with ULTA Beauty to create a fast and easy hair tutorial for you!

What you’ll need: Hair elastic Heat protectant Curling wand Hair spray Hair accessory

STEP 1: Start with dry hair.

STEP 2: Gather ponytail at crown at head.

STEP 3: Spray heat protectant on hair.

STEP 4: Wrap one section of hair around the curling wand. Hold for a few seconds and let it fall.

STEP 5: Repeat with three more sections of hair (or more, if you have thicker hair).

STEP 6: Let curls set for 5 minutes.

STEP 7: Let hair down and finger comb curls.

STEP 8: Lock in curls with volumizing hair spray.


Fall Faves

Fall Fall just seems to fly by every year, which is a total shame being that it's my favorite! I find that I shop too much from September to December, I really blame it on the "back to school" mentality that I'll have deep into my 80's.

Hope you love these little luxuries as much as I do!


The best candle EVER.

The best blanket EVER is on sale.

A delicious red blend.

The most comfortable crossover leather jacket I've ever seen and am sooooo happy to own!

Cranberry sneakers to make everyday feel more Friday.

Sweet potato salad. On repeat.

Glitter & Gold every morning.

1989. Also on repeat.

Favorite local sweat.

Velvet hair on tap.

Gearing up for 2015. (I got rose gold!)


Life Update and WWW Findings

Your Stylist AJ Lately has been crazy! I've been traveling for weddings and Sammytime, slammed at the salon, and have had two weddings almost every weekend! I'm SO happy because Sammy's in town for a few days for the Nationals @ Cubs series, and I have two beauuuutiful brides this weekend. Life is good.

I've had braces for about a month now, which you've spotted if you follow me on Instagram. It has been a challenge feeling hot, eating, talking, kissing... basically I'm being an even bigger diva about them than I thought possible. But it'll be worth it right?

How is the 4th of July already next week? I can't wait for some family time at our lake house in Northern Michigan! Sunblock, ice cream, long walks, chats with Grandpa, snuggles with Grandma. Yes.

This looks like an amazing experience.

This is seriously me before I knock on a bride's hotel room door.

A sweet cuff for you or a friend.

LOVE this cover.

Literally shaking my head.

We should try this!


I finally bought this bathing suit!

My face when someone I follow pins a REAL ugly updo.

The temp tats you need for summer!

The perfect from day to night lip creation!

So pretty. Must try.



Pillow Talk

Looking for an inexpensive way to refresh your home? I recently purchased some pillows and pillow covers from Society 6, and a month later I'm still totally in love. Every time I walk by our couch, I'm happy to see what we've done with it. I was apprehensive at first, the price point was almost too good to be true. I'm pleasantly surprised with our new pillows, and highly recommend them! PS. They make great gifts too!


Check out the hundreds of options here!



happy weekend Ahhh the magical feeling of Friday!

What do you guys have for this weekend? I have a wedding but will also be working in the salon much of the day tomorrow. Tomorrow's lovely bride is going for some bohemian half-up hair and I couldn't be more excited! Sunday I have an engagement session with one classy  bride-to-be. I plan to fit in a couple workouts, and squeeze in some beach time, (AKA me time).

Whatever you plan to do, drink lots of water, and don't forget the sunscreen!

A little WWW love before I go...

Thankful lulu "made to much"

One of each please!

Saving for one of these guys

Inspiration station

You have one shot at protecting your skin, make it organic!

See ya Monday : )