January on Paper

It is already January 13th. Sammy leaves for Spring Training on February 2nd. You do the math. This time of year is so confusing. I am thrilled that it's a new year, with business on the agenda, but I'm also sad that Sammy is about to leave, but I'm also so excited to road trip to Florida with him. Basically my brain is tired. It's so bittersweet.

I'm trying to jam so much into the next three weeks with my love. Early mornings making breakfast together, and late nights at our favorite restaurants. Guitar lessons and rom coms. Him making me laugh until I cry and and also crying that he's leaving.

Meanwhile I have lots of lady dates with some amazing women on the calendar, three weddings this month, and full books at the salon!

So January, which is typically the slowest month of the year for my industry, is anything but!

I leave you with this Trevor Hall song, which has become my anthem for our relationship, and my love for Sammy.



Sammy and I are still completely blown away by our Rombello experience. It was absolutely necessary that I unplug from the world for four whole days. The music was incredible, we were in great company, and we got a taste of some nicer weather! If you're a music lover like us, we highly recommend checking out Sixthman music cruises!

belloWe danced. So much. // We were in awe of the performances and small intimate venues!


We spent the trip hanging out with our favorite musicians. Getting to know them personally and snap some pics made the trip for me!


Having a couple you love enough to travel with is pretty amazing.


I did yoga with some of my favorite artists. On stage. Like a boss.

musicI obviously had the time of my life.

loveWith the love of my life!

I had some anxiety at first about taking off a day at the salon and turning down weddings to take this trip. I have no regrets. As cliche as it is, life is too short, and I deserve time for me, and my relationship. Whatever you're doing with your life, I hope that you take out your calendar and look at the dates you could reward yourself with a break. It's important. Mandatory even.



I've never unplugged, and for the next 5 days, I will be unreachable. I'm not sure if the feeling I have is excitement or anxiety.

Sammy and I are about to leave for ROMBELLO! The trip we booked so many months ago, is finally here. Rombello is a music festival, on a cruise, traveling to the Bahamas and back to Miami. We couldn't be more excited, and I couldn't have packed more than I did.

I've worked tons of extra hours leading up to this, and now, I leave you to go drink slushy beverages with little umbrellas on the beach, I hope you can forgive me.

I'll be instagramming waytoomuch until I loose complete service, but will blog tons of deets and photos next week!

Chat soon!


PS. I'm only missing one day at the salon so please don't be too mad at me. PSS. If you need a spray tan I now swear by Benefit. Holy crap!

Sammy's Summer Playlist

playlist It's August, which means, the summer that JUST seemed to show up, is actually on it's way out. I don't mean to be a downer, but rather share some summer jams before it's too late!

Music is one thing that Sammy and I really agree on, and I'm always relying on him to show me great new material. When I asked him to make a summer playlist for the blog, it was in my inbox before I knew it.


Did Wrong  by Tribal Seeds

Good Vibes  by Rebelution

Sunshine  by Matisyahu

Come In  by The Green

Bad Seeds  by Tomorrows Bad Seeds

Corona And Lime  by Shwayzee

Summer Nights  by Iration

Stand Tall  by The Dirty Heads

Let me Know  by Collie Buddz

Lively Up Yourself  by Bob Marley

You Don't Know Me  by SOJA