Nurturing YSAJ

enjoy When I started working at Thomas West Salon three and a half years ago, I was there six days a week. Two years ago I went down to 5 days a week. Now... I'm going down to four.

When I started Your Stylist AJ a year and a half ago, I was kind of setting goals as they happened, and it wasn't until this winter that I really started making YSAJ such a large focus. I LOVE working in the salon, and I plan on working in the salon forever, but going down to part time has been the goal for a while now.

I'm dropping Tuesdays at Thomas West, leaving me in the salon Wednesday through Friday, and the Saturday's that I don't have weddings booked. This will still be a full time schedule, and I will absolutely be able to get everyone in! I'll still be at Thomas West almost 40 hours a week.

Your Stylist AJ is a two part business, the blog, and the bridal. I need the extra day to really nurture YSAJ and give my brides the attention they deserve, while delivering amazing blog posts five days a week. This new schedule means that I'm on the right track, change is happening, and my business is growing!

I'm so excited for this shift! Thank you to all of my loyal clients, (most of you have become friends), for being such a huge part of my life.

Love, AJ

P.S. Thank you for all of the emails and texts regarding my last post. I'm so humbled by the love I received. You guys are amazing.

original photo taken by Joseph Mark