The Wet Brush



If Chris Angel had invented a brush, it'd be this. YOU GUYS, this brush is seriously incredible.

The Wet Brush can glide through even the tangliest, (yeah tangliest is a word), of hair. If you have fine hair, damaged hair, lots of hair... this is your new best friend. I know a lot of you are product junkies and love adding tools to your toolbox... I, am not.

Everyone in the salon was buzzing about this "Wet Brush" and I wanted nothing to do with such a gimmicky tool with a less than creative name. But after about two weeks of hearing about it, I tried it.

First I tried it on my client at Thomas West Salon, and we were both "wtf"ing. She purchased it on the spot. Fast forward to the next morning, I tried it on myself. I have extensions and my hair isn't unmanageable, but I spend a few minutes combing through it. THIS TOOK SECONDS. So I, like my client, purchased it.

I'm telling you guys, it works and it's cheap. Also great for kids with tender little noggins.