Bookshelf to Bar

For years I admired the tall storage piece that displayed jewelry in our boutique. I was annoying about it, and was vocal that I wanted it to be mine someday. When I got my first big girl apartment, my mom agreed to give it to me!

In my last three apartments I used it as a bookshelf. It was cute, served it's purpose, I think at one point I was storing vases on top and taxes in the drawers...

When we moved into our new apartment this year, I really REALLY wanted a bar cart. You know the ones. Gold. Wheels. Fancy.

There just wasn't an appropriate spot for a bar cart, mostly because my bookshelf fit perfectly in the nook where a bar cart would potentially live. SO. We made our bookshelf into a bar. Priorities.




What do you think? Wanna come over for a drink?



Guest Post // Emilia Jane

Hello from Mexico! So glad Emilia is guest posting today! This girl is full of wisdom and constantly makes me want to be better at everything I do. Emilia is the talented photographer of Emilia Jane Photography, and her blog combines love, life, and signature cocktails. Enough said.



So! Who knows someone that got engaged over the holidays?? I feel like my facebook has been wall to wall with relationship change notifications the past couple weeks.

Just a few helpful tips for all of you newly engaged lovelies :-) Though honestly, this first little treat is hilarious regardless of your relationship status!

1. If you haven’t yet, go check out A Practical Wedding’s Emily Gutman has crafted these goodies that keep me laughing. 2. Take a hot second to just enjoy being engaged! Don’t rush the planning right off the bat.

3. Have a real chat with your fiance about what you both want your wedding to look like. Maybe it’s in a ballroom with a big band? Maybe it’s just the two of you under a big tree in the middle of nowhere? Whatever you’re dreaming of, talk through it together before you take any further steps!

4. Remember that the marriage is way more important than the wedding! Don’t let the small stuff with planning make you sweat.

5. Hire vendors you trust to do an amazing job. And then let them do it!

6. Drink some bubbly and just enjoy it ;-) Okay…I may be skipping a few steps here. But I promise I’ve hit the most important ones!

XXOO Emilia Jane