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Hair Tutorial // Half Up Headband

Bobby pins aren't for everyone, so grab the nearest elastic headband and you can have a gorgeous half up style in seconds! I recently posted this pic on instagram and you asked for a tutorial. Get ready, it's SO easy.

Your Stylist AJ Hair Tutorial

1. Begin by placing an elastic headband over your head. Play around to find your comfy spot! The gold headband I used is from Urban Outfitters, but I've done this look with an inside out Under Armour workout headband and it looked dressy too!

2. Take a section of hair from the right side of your head just above your ear and wrap towards the left.

3. Tuck the section into the headband from top to bottom. No pins required!

4-5. Repeat on the left.

6. Rock your look and soak up the zillion compliments you'll get all day!

Your Stylist AJ Hair Tutorial

Feel free to leave questions or comments below!


Top is from Anthropologie

Thank you to the amazzzzing Emilia Jane for the photography!

Green City Market

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kale bag

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We chat a lot about beauty around here, but not all beauty is a polish or a face mask. Beauty begins with what you put into your body!

It's no secret I think Chicago is the best city on the planet, or that I'm dramatic I guess.

Green City Market is the Lincoln Park farmer's market that takes place on Wednesday and Saturday mornings this time of year. I can't make it every week, but I REALLY try.

I'm 100% about supporting local, eating Paleo, spending time outside, going for long walks, waking up early, and being involved in the community... the farmer's market allows me to do all of these feel good things!

In all the cities I've lived in, my favorite part is walking outside and immediately feeling I'm a part of something huge. The city offers so much energy, and I feed off of it everyday. Farmer's markets are NOT limited to cities, I just love that both are combined in my neighborhood.

Wherever you live, I encourage you to shop local, clean, family farmed goods. I like my veggies dusted in dirt, not pesticides.

This food is so absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Carrots or candy? I'm really not sure.

Who's comin' with me?


Thank you to the talented Emilia Jane for making models out of produce, and sharing girl talk over raspberries.


Girls Weekend

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Thursday night, my mom pulled up outside my apartment for a girls weekend. I hopped in the front seat of the Jeep to help her find a parking spot, wrapped my arms around her giggling hellos, and before I could even face the road again, my little sister popped up from the floor of the back seat to surprise me! I screamed. Loud. More than a couple times.

The three of us, have NEVER had a girls weekend. The past four days, were absolutely perfect.

I did their hair at Thomas West, followed by some drinks with a view at the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza, followed by dinner at Little Market... and that was just day one. The weekend was full of gorgeous weather, lots of shopping, rooftop lunching, runs in the park and girl talk.

My mom is a beautiful and strong woman that I wish I could be around every day, and my sister makes me so proud and has become my most trusted friend. Saying goodbye to such a big part of you is never easy, but I am so absolutely grateful to have such a wonderful family.

Thank you Emilia for taking pictures of the three of us being together. The memories are strong, but these photos we'll have forever.


Mom's wearing: Kenneth Cole earrings (no longer available) Bonnie & Clyde dress (available here Friday)

I'm wearing: Bonnie & Clyde necklace (available here Friday) Banana Republic tank Banana Republic skirt

Kayla's wearing: Banana Republic tank (similar) Banana Republic pants

Emilia Jane // Sammy & AJ

One of my dearest friends Emilia documented the love I have for Sammy, and the love he has for his guitar ; ) Emilia not only captured our love, but had some SUPER sweet things to say about us on her blog with more images!

Thank you for the sweet photos Em : )


Guest Post // Emilia Jane

Hello from Mexico! So glad Emilia is guest posting today! This girl is full of wisdom and constantly makes me want to be better at everything I do. Emilia is the talented photographer of Emilia Jane Photography, and her blog combines love, life, and signature cocktails. Enough said.



So! Who knows someone that got engaged over the holidays?? I feel like my facebook has been wall to wall with relationship change notifications the past couple weeks.

Just a few helpful tips for all of you newly engaged lovelies :-) Though honestly, this first little treat is hilarious regardless of your relationship status!

1. If you haven’t yet, go check out http://practicalryangosling.tumblr.com/. A Practical Wedding’s Emily Gutman has crafted these goodies that keep me laughing. 2. Take a hot second to just enjoy being engaged! Don’t rush the planning right off the bat.

3. Have a real chat with your fiance about what you both want your wedding to look like. Maybe it’s in a ballroom with a big band? Maybe it’s just the two of you under a big tree in the middle of nowhere? Whatever you’re dreaming of, talk through it together before you take any further steps!

4. Remember that the marriage is way more important than the wedding! Don’t let the small stuff with planning make you sweat.

5. Hire vendors you trust to do an amazing job. And then let them do it!

6. Drink some bubbly and just enjoy it ;-) Okay…I may be skipping a few steps here. But I promise I’ve hit the most important ones!

XXOO Emilia Jane