Hairdo Wrap Pony

“Clip in ponytail” doesn’t exactly have a classy ring to it… but for a reason unknown to me, I’ve always wanted to try it. My hair is already (pretty) long, but this works on almost any length. If you can get your hair into a ponytail, even if it’s two inches long, you can absolutely rock this look.

I purchased the HAIRDO Wrap Around Pony, (in Golden Wheat), and the color blended perfectly. The steps are actually extremely simple, but I’ve amped up the look by adding a top section to wrap around the pony to not only better blend color, but look even more sophisticated.

1. Section off a top portion of your hair, and clip it out of the way

2. Gather the remaining hair into a normal ponytail

3. Align and pin, (most come with built in pins), the extension piece to the top of the ponytail

4. Wrap the seam around your natural ponytail, securing the velcro for a snug fit

5. Now wrap the “extra” piece around the base of the new ponytail, and pin 

6. Unclip your first top section and lightly backcomb for volume if desired

7. Add the top section to the ponytail by wrapping it around the base, and pinning

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to help! Have fun : )