product review

Good Morning!

HI GUYS! I miss you!

Allow me to introduce you to a LIFE CHANGING SHOWER EXPERIENCE. L’OCCITANE products are ALL dreamy and luxurious, but THIS SHOWER OIL is purely decadent.

I was skeptical. An oil? In the… shower? Doesn’t oil repel water? I started imagining myself panicking trying to rid the never rinsing oil in my shower and slipping around like Bambi on ice. But THIS oil, turns into a silky lather when mixed with water. IT SMELLS LIKE A DREAM, it is razorburn’s worst enemy, it is the best way to start your morning.

Now hear me out, this is a $24 body wash essentially. I know that’s a lot of money compared to your Dove, Suave or Bath & Body Works that are full of fillers and nasty overpowered fragrances. This is the most justifiable $24 I’ve ever spent. Do yourself the same favor, you deserve it! ;)


B&b Sunday Shampoo

It’s summerrrrr! Can you believe this week we’ll be celebrating the 4th of July?

With summer comes all kinds of terrifying territory… chlorine deposit, sunblock buildup, sea salt and product build up… and the list goes…

Bumble & Bumble has a Sunday shampoo perfect to incorporate during the summer months. It’s just that—- a shampoo to be used on Sundays. A weekly detox if you will. It cleanses your hair and scalp big time! I do my deep treatments the same day. It’s like a fresh start. Ridding your hair of all the impurities followed by nourishing it.

Come Monday, your hair is happy.

Make it a great week, AJ