Good Morning!

HI GUYS! I miss you!

Allow me to introduce you to a LIFE CHANGING SHOWER EXPERIENCE. L’OCCITANE products are ALL dreamy and luxurious, but THIS SHOWER OIL is purely decadent.

I was skeptical. An oil? In the… shower? Doesn’t oil repel water? I started imagining myself panicking trying to rid the never rinsing oil in my shower and slipping around like Bambi on ice. But THIS oil, turns into a silky lather when mixed with water. IT SMELLS LIKE A DREAM, it is razorburn’s worst enemy, it is the best way to start your morning.

Now hear me out, this is a $24 body wash essentially. I know that’s a lot of money compared to your Dove, Suave or Bath & Body Works that are full of fillers and nasty overpowered fragrances. This is the most justifiable $24 I’ve ever spent. Do yourself the same favor, you deserve it! ;)