A In the beginning of relationships, it takes time getting comfy. You don't know if he'll like your taste in music and he doesn't know if you're truly THIS awesome or just on your best behavior.

Then things shift a bit, you both get comfortable, maybe even too much so. But it's a beautiful place of security, an unspoken understanding that you have a companion. You're SHARING your LIFE.

I give up my preferred side of the bed four months a year, and then before I can even get sick of him, he's gone again. Missing someone is one heck of a strong feeling. I try to remind myself that patience is passion, tamed. Sammy's lifestyle playing baseball has really become our lifestyle. We're constantly checking flights and I'm always reworking my scheduled clients, (you're all SO understanding and I'm forever grateful). I know it's hard to imagine a relationship like that working and being incredible, but it IS.

When he leaves I usually struggle and mope a bit. Actually I mope severely. This year, I've been ok. I'm at peace with our situation, and it surely helps that baseball season and wedding season are the same season.

I'm in a new relationship with old Chicago. We flirt and go on dates and get giddy bragging to our friends. We're in lust, and though we do miss our Sammy, we're going to be just fine.


Making Time for

NYC Today I’m in deep thought about relationships and love… how we spend our time- or lack there of really- nurturing our relationships and showing gratitude. We’re all guilty of acting busier than we are.

I just read that dual-income couples could only find 12 minutes a day to talk with each other. There are 168 hours in a week.

So lets say you work 10 hour days 5 days a week and sleep 8 hours per night, that leaves 62 HOURS for anything you decide! I’m sure more than 84 minutes can be found to dedicate to the person loved the most.

Try not to take time for granted, especially with the person you’ve chosen to spend your life with.

Some of us only have the phone.

Love, AJ