Beauty doesn’t always come in a bottle, and what’s trending now doesn’t even come with a price tag. The beauty industry is always evolving, and trends constantly morph. We play an adult game of follow the leader. It’s exciting to keep up on the current nail tutorials, hair DIYs and beauty pinboards, but sometimes it’s totally fine to step away from the scene, and model your best look.

I’m talking about optimism. Noticeable, contagious, beautiful, positivity. 

I promise, (and my mom taught us young to never make promises you can’t keep), your positive attitude this season, is a REVOLUTIONARY trend, one that is timeless, and should last more than just this season. When those around you, strangers or not, witness and feel this positive energy radiating from your smile, they won’t be able to help but smile back… making optimism the most contagious trend, and a smile your best accessory. 

:) AJ